Bottle Shooter: Archery Master

Bottle Shooter: Archery Master

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Bottle Shooter: Archery Master

Bottle Shooter: Archery Master

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Feel like a real master archer, tense the string, take an arrow from the quiver, choose your target and shoot! Enjoy the atmosphere of archery championship with our Bottle Shooter: Archery Master game!
Join this unusual archery contest and shoot the bottles just for fun! Try to surpass other archers’ mastery, so pinch the grip, tense the bowstring, aim the target and shot right at the bottle to drop and crash it! Tense the string with sufficient strength, make allowances for the wind and hit the target! Touch the screen to control a bow and arrow, string’s tension and power of shot! Earn points to upgrade your bow and arrows, buy new bottles or other targets! Try traditional longbow, compound bow or even self-bow, compel their qualities and choose the best for each type of missions!
Become a real bowmaster just like medieval heroes! Get ready for the intense challenges at Bottle Shooter: Archery Master! Be accurately and patiently as a real archer, but don’t give up after misses – it’s just for fun, after all! Complete different missions, surpass other participants and become a champion with Bottle Shooter: Archery Master!
Bottle Shooter: Archery Master features:
- Natural archery mechanics!
- Simple game controls – just drag and pull to shoot at the target
- Attractive and interesting gameplay
- Different missions to train your skills – hunt beasts, hit many targets at time, unlock new bows and arrows to fit different types of missions
Have you ever dreamed of fame of Robin Hood, Bard The Bowman, Katniss Everdeen or Oliver Queen? Well, your dream can become true with our archery simulator in 3D!



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