Football Quiz Game - Football Games: World Cup

Football Quiz Game - Football Games: World Cup

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Football Quiz Game - Football Games: World Cup

Football Quiz Game - Football Games: World Cup

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Brand new Football Quiz Game about the World Cup 2018 and World Cups History.
You think you know football? Then join our Soccer Quiz Game; newest member of our Football Games series, show your knowledge and compete with other football fans from all around the world
This is a free and funny Quiz Game for Football World Cup 2018 in Russia and all other World Cups in history.
A funny and competitive quiz game for the World's Biggest Football Organization, World Cup.
In this game you will,
* Test your knowledge about World Cup Russia 2018 and sometimes about the World Cups history,
* You will learn many new things you never heard before about the World Cups,
* And compete with other football fans from different countries.
Game will continue to improve consistently with new questions and features, so do not forget to keep your game up to date.
Main goal in the game is to answer all questions correctly and get the most points. There are 16 question difficulty levels in the game and the number of questions and levels will be increased soon. Game ends when player gives a wrong answer to any question or answer all questions correctly. All the questions are about the upcoming World Cup 2018 in Russia or about the World Cup history.
The points that player will get from a question will depends on the main point of the question, used power-ups, player's level and player's answering time. So in order to get the most points in the game you must answer all questions correctly and as soon as possible, use power-ups wisely and increase your level as much as you can.
In our Soccer Trivia Game there are 4 type of Power-Ups to increase competition and fun in the game. Players should use these power-ups wisely to reach highest points in our World Cup Trivia.
Player gains achievement points when reached an in-game achievement and when player's achievement points 500 points his/her level will be "Talented", after 1000 points it will be "Professional", 2000+ will be "Football Scholar", 5000+ will be "Football Expert" and when reached 10000 points the level of player will be highest: "Football Legend".
will be "Professional". Starting level is "Amateur".
Please share your opinions and suggestions about our game by sending e-mail to
Game will be improved and updated soon with new features and questions, to get developments about the game instantly do not forget to subscribe to Youtube channel of Stiym. Also try other funny and free Stiym games.
Download our free game now and join to other football fans around the world on a football quiz game about the World Cup 2018!


What's New

New Football Quiz Game 2019
Stiym's Football Quiz Games : World Cup
- Over 100 questions about World Cup 2018 and World Cup history added,
- Daily, All-time and Country rankings added,
- Power-ups, Achievements, Surveys and many more content added.


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