Incredible Monster Hero: Super Prison Action

Incredible Monster Hero: Super Prison Action

Size 32.4MB

Incredible Monster Hero: Super Prison Action

Incredible Monster Hero: Super Prison Action

32.4MB1+ Million4.9(1843)
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Here is your new best friend, incredible monster city hero. Enjoy an outstanding super hero monster prison escape and enjoy the finest of criminal games. Experience this awesome monster action prison escape journey. You along with your prison mates are sentenced to prison for life. Now you should thoroughly plan a clandestine prison escape or prison break by defeating all policeman in this top notch of police shooting games. You have this unbelievable capability to transform into an incredible superhero monster with phenomenal muscle power. Being a gigantic monster, get ready for fight against well trained police troops, defeat policemen with your special powers of destruction while you indulge in a fiery city fighting. In this prison monster escape mission, get engaged into a fierce battle with well-trained cops, you will find yourself along with other jail criminals and gangsters in maximum security prisons in this finest of monster hero city battle games. Engage in this epic prison escape and seek pleasure from a criminal act of monster hero fighting police to enjoy the best of survival prison escape games of action. Be careful while breaking out of your prison cell, transform into a mysterious monster walk towards the main prison entrance. You will be accompanied by bulk of police army but you can put them down with your single punch in this finest of prison escape games. Incredible hero battle is an action game based on different variety of police fighting games.
• Breathtaking realistic 3D animations with eye catching HD graphics to capture details of monster action games.
• An absolute treat for lovers of police shooting criminals and monster hero city games with comprehensive gameplay of 4 missions (each mission has 5 levels).
• Thrilling sound effects for the fans of bulk incredible monster hero fighting games.
• Special maximum security prison environment.
• Impressive and easy on screen controls to thoroughly engage in this battle simulator.
• Playable on multiple devices.
Get ready for this incredible monster hero fighting game which has a completely organized action packed criminal police attack. Be careful while breaking out of the prison as all security guards are equipped with latest machine guns. Be the incredible monster warrior you always wanted to be by playing this amazing package “INCREDIBLE MONSTER HERO: SUPER PRISON ACTION” to enjoy incredible action games!!
Great monster prison escape is our most innovative introduction to breakout prison games, superhuman monster in disguise has been locked away in the maximum security prison. Police have no idea about the capability of inhuman mighty monster powers; escape the prison and finish every cop that comes in your way in this finest of incredible monster escape prison games. Break the jail with your muscular monster arms and flee the crime scene before anyone catches you in this top free of dragon monster police fighting games. Escape jail like a legend has cut lose, let it be a fearless supernatural escape in this greatest of police crime games. Keep the gigantic monster in your control and roll like jail escape super hero do not forget that survival is the key; you will be accompanied by a ton of police prison security guards but they do not stand a chance if you use your supernatural powers wisely during incredible monster prison break!



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