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(Editor:Zoe 10/1/2014)

9game is providing some tips and cheats about the interesting racing game called Crazy Taxi !
1. Stop with skill

When approaching a customer, don’t just brake. Put your car into reverse while braking and you’ll stop faster. Also, avoid pulling up too fast or crashing into nearby objects which might make your customer dive out of the way, wasting valuable seconds. Park as close as you can to them.

As you drop off a passenger, look out for other people who want a ride. If you drop someone off beside a new passenger, they will swap seats, shaving more seconds off your time. Beware of doing this all of the time – remember, you don’t want red or orange-circled customers. And when pulling away, don’t forget to get off the mark as quickly as possible with a boost.

2. Avoid ramps

This ultimately comes down to personal preference, but I find that the tip or two you get from jumping off a ramp is pointless as you’re more likely to crash into something when landing, thus spoiling your tip multiplier.

The San Franciso-style hills at the start of the arcade map are an exception to this rule. Stay in the middle of the road, boost before a downhill bump and you’ll go flying through the air – and pick up loads of tips along the way. Plus, the car is easier to steer and control because the road is straight.

3. Get high

If you have a passenger who wants to go to the baseball stadium and you are in the heliport area, watch out for a petrol station on your right. As the road descends, don’t follow it. Instead, drift suddenly to the left. You’ll go flying through the air, land in a parking lot and drive just a few hundred metres to the stadium, shaving more seconds off your time.

4. Welcome to Americana

Buy these Offspring and Bad Religion records. They will make you play better. Install them onto your hard drive or play them from a nearby stereo, and turn off the in-game music. Certain songs were found in the Dreamcast original and were meant for this game.

5. Step on it

We may have forgotten to mention this – but you’ll probably want to drive as fast as you can. Avoid hitting the brake unless stopping. Look ahead, watch for traffic and go for it. Good luck.

6. Take the easy way out

Go to options and turn the traffic and time settings to very easy. This won’t affect your overall standings in the online leaderboards.

7. Your tips and scores

Got any crazy suggestions, pieces of advice or high scores to share with other Crazy Taxi players? Please leave them in the comments box below.

Here’s my current score, which I achieved after my third run. Expect this to be beaten soon:

Crazy Taxi high score

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