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(Editor:Steven 12/12/2014)

Crazy Taxi on 9game is an old arcade game that I used to see all of the time, and I loved it. Naturally I got the game and had a blast with is as well. There isn't many tips I can give you for this game because it us relatively easy and simple, but I'll tell you everything that you will need to know to complete this game.

Arcade / Original Mode

  • Try your best to avoid crashing. This is pretty obvious, but I say it anyway because it can improve your score by a lot.
  • There are three kinds of people that you can pick up with your cab. The ones with red dollar signs over their head will require you to drive the shortest distance, but consequently, they also pay the least. The people with green dollar signs above their heads pay the most, and they will take the longest to drive the distance. If you can, try to go to people with Green or Yellow dollar signs because from my experience, you get more money faster driving them around.

Vehicle Tricks

  • Crazy Dash - While accelerator and brake are not in use, shift into drive while simultaneously accelerating.
  • Limiter Cut - Crazy Dash then let go of the accelerator and shift into reverse, then Crazy Dash again.
  • Crazy Drift - Shift into reverse while driving, then quickly switch into drive to make a tight turn.
  • Crazy Back Drift - Shift to drive and accelerate, then quickly switch into reverse while making a tight turn.
  • Quick Turn - Brake and press accelerator and turn at the same time.

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