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(Editor:Steven 12/30/2014)

There are a couple of very cool cheats in Crazy Taxi. Below, 9game highlights a couple of them:

Taxi Bike

At the character select screen, after you select your character, but before the game starts hit L+R+Start three times quickly. You will now be able to drive a fast taxi bike. If you can't get this trick to work -- you can also gain access to the bike once you beat all Crazy Box challenges. Simply press D-Up at the select screen to get it.

Oooooo. A Bike!

No Arrow or Destination Markers

This chode allows you to play without arrows, destination markers, or both. If you want to switch off the arrows, press and hold R+Start before the driver select screen appears. To play without destination markers, just press and hold L+Start before the driver select screen comes up. And to switch off both at the same time, simply hold down both L+Start and R+Start before the driver select screen.

Atternate Viewpoints and Speedometer

Plug a controller into controller port #3, then press the Start button on that controller after you started a game in Original or Arcade mode. You can toggle to a first-person view by pressing B (switch back to normal view with A), get an alternate viewing angle with Y, or tap X five times to bring up a speedometer display.

Another Day Mode

Press R at the driver select screen, then press and hold R again while you select your crazy cabbie of choice. You will now see the words "Another Day" appear on screen, followed by a car horn. This will change the game slightly with new fare locations and altered starting positions.

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